Start doing these things today

Here are some tips to enhance your life. Keep surroundings of  your residence clean. Kids urinating in public places indiscriminately? Prevent them from doing it. Avoid plastic cans and coconut shells getting accumulated with water. They are great breeding places for mosqitoes which in turn result in spreading diseases. Just stopping wastage of  food  is another way in keeping your environs neat and tidy.

Kill that habit of throwing the plastic kits filled with food leftovers in your nearby places. These places are home , well, to flies! Keep two waste bins handy in your home – one for bio waste, and another for plastic waste.
Kitchen waste like egg shells and onion peals can be used as manure. Build a pit compost using biodegradable waste to make manure for plants. Plastic bottles can be turned into hanging plant pots. They can be handed over for recycling.
Filling a set of plastic kits with mud and using them for planting trees are another great idea. Using a carry bag for shopping will help us from using plastic covers. Avoid plastic bags like plague.
Hope you will agree!

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