Hey bigots, Have a look!

Here is a temple at Punnathala near Vettichira in Malappuram. Here, Hindu devotees are giving us lessons on universal brotherhood that go beyond caste and creed. They do not find any qualms in throwing an Iftar party for Muslims. That, too, has been in connection with the day of installation of the temple deity. After the lamp pooja,  they waited with food to break fast for Muslims. The Iftar party was inangurated when Azan for Magrib Prayer arose from Punnathala Masjid. The stroy in the backdrop for this camaraderie is really exciting!

For years, Sri Lakhmi Narasimhamoorthi Vishnu Temple has been lying in ruins. Hindu and Muslims alike took a decision to innovate and open the  delapidated temple to the devotees.

They formed a commitee and selected Mammu Mash to serve as its chairman. The local people  contributed as  much as they could in raising the fund for the innovation of the temple. In no time, the temple was rebuilt.
No doubt, people in Punnathala teach a lesson about cooperation and friendliness to those who spew communal venom.
What a great message for the society that get alienated on the lines of religion now-a-days!

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