The charmers that are named after their Motherland!

African Grey Parrots. These goodlooking birds are named after their native place.  Properly trained, these good-lookers  are so intelligent that they can speak like humans in 6 months and keep up to 400 words in memory.
They are known as mimics among bird afictionados.
They have this stunning ability to mimic any voice in the environment. They are extremely trustworthy. Ignored, there sensitive birds show symptoms of plucking feathers.
They reach adulthood in six years.Their diet mostly consists of sprouted or soaked seeds and fruits. They are very fond of sunflower seeds.  According to breeders,  heavy intake of sunflower seeds may reduce the beauty of their feathers.
Their life span is up to 50 years. A DNA test is required to recognize their sex. There are sellers who domesticate them  by handbreeding. A tamed parrot will bring in a handsome sum according to its capability. The cost of a chick starts from Rs 26000. A pair of untamed parrots costs from Rs 45000 onwards as per the age on their DNA certificate.

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