Unhandsome Mammoty

Blessed with all criteria of macho beauty, Mammoty is a secret pride of Mallus. He has been extremely fortunate to portray characters of diverse genres on screen.

He has no qualms to act even in the roles of some weird looking characters.

5 unattractive Mammoty characters..

Varunni the tiger Hunter in
Movie: Mrigaya Director: I.V. Sasi. Screen play: Lohitadas,  Year: 1989

Achooty the illiterate fisher man.
Movie: Amaram, Director: Bharatan, Screen play: Lohitadas, Year: 1991

Putturumees the mentally retarded and ugly man.

Movie: Sooryamanasam , Director: Viji Thampi , Screen play: Sabu John. Year: 1992

Mada the poor man of low caste.
Movie: Ponthanmada, Director: T.V. Chandran, Story: Raveendran, Year: 1992

Murukan the Tamilian who presses clothes for a living.
Movie: Karutha Pakshikal, Direction and Story: Kamal, . Year: 2006

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