Why do they come to Creek?

Migration is a phenomenon when some animals move from place to place for reproduction and surviving harsh changes of climate. They will ultimately return to their places of origin after spending some time in a particular place.
The landing of seagulls who migrate from Siberian and Mediterranean regions during the wintry season upon the shores of Dubai Creek is a sight to be cherished. Watch this beautiful scene ending in just 2 minutes.

Creek ( Abra)
Creek is a waterway that separates Deira, a big town in Dubai, and Burdubai. Starting from Port Rashid, it extends up to Raz Al Khor.Tourists are fond Dubai Creek and a boat ride here.
Seagulls are birds that like to live in mid-seas and ports. They feed on fish, worms, and breads and snacks given by people.
Most of the seagulls are migratory birds. They migrate to cooler places  during freezing Winter. They lay eggs in grassy lands and ocean trees. Each bird will lay up to 3 eggs.  Both male and female birds hatch the eggs.

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