They will take your breath away!

Sun conures
Sun conures, the most beautiful of parrots, are found in the in north-east region of South America.
 Sun conures feed mainly on fruits, flowers, seeds, and nuts. They love to live in flocks. They grow up to 12 inches. They are louder than other parrots.
They have got many  admirers in Kerala. They tend to develop yellow shades in their bodies while aging. When they reach adulthood they show off eye-catching yellow body, green colors under the tail and the edges of feathers, and shiny red on the face.
Their chicks are reared and tamed by handfeeding.
Watch the video of handfeeding.

A tamed parrot brings in a handsome sum for the breeder. A handfed chick fetch a sum in the range of rupees 8500 and 9500.
They have a lifespan of 30 years. A DNA test is required to recognize the sex. There are sellers who sell sun conure that are tamed by handfeeding.


Watch video to see Sun conure chicks

A pair of sun conures costs rupees 25000 to 56000.

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