This snakecatcher is a Daredevil

We all had a childhood where we used to run for hills seeing a snake and tremble with fear hearing the snake tales. Shukkoor too used to be like that. Once he was bitten by a Cobra. Incident caused his family great agony. They feared they would lose him.
But Shukkoor recuperated in three or four days.
For Shukkoor, it has been eye-opener. He developed an insatiable hunger to know more about the snakes. That resulted in getting rid of the snake-phobia gradually. Now Shukkoor is an accomplished snake catcher.
Now he is a well-known snake catcher in Idukki. By now, he has been able to capture around 4000 snakes in Idukki and Kottayam districts.
Watch a video of an adventurous snake catching by Shukkoor

He has no qualms to come to capture snakes regardless of time and place and hand over them to forest authorities.

His efforts to give awareness to the public to reign in the tendecy to kill snakes,  teach the importance of the snakes in our environment, and remove the misunderstandings surrounding them are highly laudable. He doesn’t seek any sort of financial aid for his troubles. For him, it is purely service to the society.

He runs a shop named “Shukkoor Agrochemicals” at Kattappana. His spouse is Safeena. Najia Sulthana, Aleesha Sulthana, Safna Shukkoor, and Anwarsha Shukkoor are his children.

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